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Starting a business without equity can be financed in various forms, eg through loans for business start-ups, so-called business start-up loans. In addition to the classic bank loans, there are other alternatives for financing your business idea. In addition to traditional bank loans, equity investors and business angels also lend money – or possibly their own relatives. If a loan is to be taken out for start-ups without equity, the house bank is always the first port of call. This is not just because he knows the founder personally or at least from a longer business relationship.

Financing start-ups without equity

Financing start-ups without equity

Starting a business without equity can be financed in various forms, such as loans for entrepreneurs, so-called. The unemployed and purchasers of Hardware 4 also have the opportunity to start a business and can seek advice and assistance from a specialist consultant. More information can be obtained from the employment agency for unemployed and forced laborers of Resin 4.

Ideally, start-ups – with or without equity – have no negative entry in the drawer. The federal, provincial and EU countries provide companies and start-ups – with and without equity capital – with more than 2,000 grant programs and grants. We, the Center for SME Consulting, have access to up-to-date data on existing funding programs in Germany and other European countries.

As the EN EN ISO 9001 certified management consulting firm, we not only research non-repayable funding for business start-ups, but also other means that are relevant to your company and pass the results on to you. The methods used are based on our many years of experience in start-up promotion. Everything you need, we will provide for you!

You can get an initial overview of funding opportunities for start-ups without equity through our promotional check, which you can do on this website in a few moments. In just 48 hours, we will inform you by e-mail, free of charge and without obligation, of the areas in which promotion for you as a start-up is possible without equity and without concomitant compensation.

In addition, we will offer you a free and non-binding first consultation to inform you about the possibilities of financing. You should definitely make use of this range of services, because it gives you a first insight into your financing potential. Additional free and detailed information on the article can be obtained from our qualified specialist consultants.

Start-ups without equity – the main promotions in the spotlight

Start-ups without equity - the main promotions in the spotlight

You dream of a self-employed activity, but wonder if it is also possible to found a company without equity? Here you will find a general overview of the essential subsidies for business start-ups. Young entrepreneurs are offered a wide range of funding opportunities – over 2,000 grant programs are offered by funding institutions, the European Union, the Federal Government and the federal states.

A distinction is made between different forms of support for business start-ups: The many support programs also make it possible to start a company without equity. In addition to the free start-up advice, it provides cheap loans for start-ups and is therefore usually the first address when it comes to start-up financing. 

Any natural or legal person who builds a freelance business or a German trading company can apply. A sideline must be based on a complete takeover in the medium to long term and the founder must have the commercial and technical prerequisites for the project. 2. The grant may not be granted for more than 10 years, of which max. two years may be repayment-free.

The start-up credit – Universal is in contrast to the starting price for start-ups with higher capital requirements well equipped. Funding is available for up to $ 25 million as well as business start-ups abroad. A refinancing or rescheduling of already completed foundations and construction measures for assisted living are excluded from the financing.

The funds for the new foundation of Intrasavings Bank are so-called subordinated loans. This means that the loan volume is unlimitedly liable and thus fulfills an equity function. The support of business start-ups with the help of ERP capital is possible up to an amount of $ 500,000 and is used for investment financing.

The start-up loan is granted for a preferential interest rate for the first 10 years and then renegotiated depending on the market situation. The special feature of ERP capital for entrepreneurs is that you must first use your own capital to get the loan. For a participation at least 15% equity capital, in the new Länder and 10% in the capital must be provided.

These support programs are well thought out for many entrepreneurs. The main disadvantage of Intrasavings support is that it requires good support from the company. If this is not satisfactory, it will be difficult to get into the appropriate funding programs. In addition, as a supported company founder of the company, you must repeatedly prove at shorter intervals that your operation is fluid.

Therefore, you must present a coherent business plan and even then a promotion is not guaranteed. But when they cross each other, you can use a microcredit to realize your desire to start a business without equity. For example, on the ad pepper media online lending market, where retail and borrowers meet, you can borrow from private to private:

With a straightforward online identity system, you can conveniently identify yourself from home and sign up for your contract with esign. In a few days, the amount you are looking for is in your bank account. With the help of financial aid, you will receive up to 50,000 USD in credit, which you can use to start a business even without equity.

Depending on the industry, there are many other possibilities for individual support of business start-ups. In addition, people who want to become self-employed from unemployment, have the choice between a supplement or jump-start. In addition to pure financial support, there are also offers for “promoting entrepreneurship”. This should also be the first point of contact for you as a future entrepreneur, as it will explain all the issues surrounding the topic of company formation.

In the consultation, you will also get more tips on the topic of starting a business without equity.

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