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Don’t be ashamed to say you need money! You are not the only one who can find yourself in a tight situation of lack of liquidity.

Every day puts you many times on the ropes and forces you to face difficult economic situations. The need for extra help with money at certain times is more normal than you think. Who has not damaged the washing machine or the car? Who has not received a surprise fine? Who has not suffered to be able to buy their children the uniform or school supplies? Who has not needed an air conditioner to overcome the drowsy days of summer?

Situations like these are the most common and, to overcome these potholes, you need to have savings. But what if you don’t have money at that time? Are you going to ask for money from a bank knowing all the time it takes to answer you and the amount of papers you have to deliver? One of the options you should value is Mobile Loan. We explain why.

What is Automobile Loan?

What is Mobile Loan?

It is a company specialized in granting loans online in a simple and fast way. So much that in less than 10 minutes you can have the money. Yes, there are many companies that promise this, but not all of them are in the top positions in Spain of microcredit companies. Why? Because Mobile loan has the support of the Pears group, which specializes in the granting of short-term personal loans. Its transparency in the way of working has strengthened the trust of its customers and its “good work” has made them expand, being now present in 21 countries. Its headquarters are currently in Finland.

The success of your microcredits

Mobile Loan allows you to request a loan from € 50 to € 700 and return it in 45 days. Being a new customer, the maximum amount decreases up to € 300 and you will have to amortize it in a period of 30 days. Also, if you request € 500 you can only return it within a period not exceeding 30 days. The conditions are improving as you ask for more credits with them.

Through a very simple system that includes a simulator you can request your credit, knowing from the outset what the interests of your loan will be. Interest will not vary over time, so there is transparency from the start. Mobile Loan understands that the people who come to them need money quickly so they reduce any type of bureaucracy or paperwork. They grant you your loan at the moment and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can do all the procedures even from your mobile. And they grant you the maximum facilities when making the return. Can we explain how it works?

How to request a loan

How to request a loan

The micro loan application system is very simple, you just have to follow these steps to make your request successfully.

  1. Through the loan simulator, choose the amount of money you need and the temporary repayment term
  2. Fill out the web application. You just need an account number and a mobile number.
  3. They contact you to corroborate all your data once you have received an SMS informing you that your credit has been preapproved.
  4. Send an SMS accepting the loan amount.
  5. Enjoy your money in less than 10 minutes.

Mobile Loan understands that its customers need fast money and that is why their procedures are that simple. Neither photocopies, nor documents, nor long lines and operas will be a problem when applying for your loan online.

Who can ask for a loan?

Who can ask for a loan?

Read the information carefully to know the requirements you need before making your credit application.

  • Age between 25 years and 70 years.
  • No need for endorsement or payroll.
  • Not be on any list of delinquents.
  • Bank account in your name
  • Mobile phone you own.

The big difference from other companies is that with Mobile Loan you can apply for your loan any day and at any time. You do not need to be a business day or be during office hours. You are the one who decides the best time to apply for the loan. In 10 minutes you can be enjoying your money to fix the washing machine, pay a fine or treat yourself as a trip. You do not need to indicate the reason for your loan and you can directly dispose of your money without questions.

I will receive my money in just 10 minutes

I will receive my money in just 10 minutes

Through the “Kash-Sha” system your loan is almost instantly on your mobile phone. You can go to any ATM that is attached to the Kash-Sha network without having to belong to that bank. Quiet, it will not cost you a job to find one of these ATMs since there are many banking entities that you can find in their network. To enjoy this service you must indicate it when making the request, since it is not available by default.

How to pay my micro loan

How to pay my micro loan

It is as simple as making a transfer to one of your bank accounts or making an entry in a window of the Aixa or Salader Bank. Easy right?

Do not forget to indicate the reference number that appears on the invoice, your ID and your telephone number so that the return is well identified. And the best part is that once your debt is paid you can apply for a new loan.

Can I return my loan in installments?

Yes. Unlike other companies, Mobile Loan makes it easy for you even in the way to return your credit. You can amortize it in the way that suits you. Well at one time or in small installments. As long as you adjust to the stipulated period when you applied for the loan.

If you want to repay your loan ahead of time you can do it, but they will not give you any discount.

What happens if I can’t pay my loan

What happens if I can

If for some reason you need more time to pay off your debt, you can request an extension. They are 15 days and you can order three how much. Of course, keep in mind that extensions have an additional cost that will vary depending on the amount of the loan and the repayment term. These costs can be paid 5 days after the loan expiration day. But it is always cheaper to request an extension than to pay the penalty for not paying off your debt on the day that corresponds to you.

What interest do I have to pay if I do not meet the return term

What interest do I have to pay if I do not meet the return term

Logically, if your loan repayment date does not pay, you will have a penalty that will depend on the number of days you take. That is why before asking for your loan you must be clear about how you are going to pay the loan. Good behavior when it comes to repaying your credit will condition you when you can apply for another loan in the future.

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