Realize your trip with a vacation loan

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The holiday has started! Maybe you are thinking about that dream trip on your bucket list? Or do you want to get away urgently. See for an observation

But unfortunately, your budget does not want to come along … Yet you do not have to stay home! With a holiday loan you can easily leave. Because every day is a new chance to make your dreams come true. Yet?

On vacation, a dream?


The vacation, time to travel. Ideal to charge your batteries and escape the routine.
You have been dreaming for years about that long journey with all the trimmings, but this costs you too much money? Or have you spotted a last-minute offer and you don’t have the budget for it right now? Whatever journey you dream about, you don’t have to put it away immediately. Did you know that you can borrow for a vacation?

So on a trip thanks to a personal loan


A holiday loan is actually a personal loan with a fixed interest rate . You therefore repay a fixed amount each month. The amount differs from bank to bank and depends on the size of the loan, the duration and the interest rate.

You can take out and use a holiday loan within 24 hours. It is fully tailored to your situation and thanks to the spread of costs, you do not worry about a sudden bite out of your budget.

What are the conditions for borrowing?

To get a personal loan for your vacation, you must be a natural person . You must be able to prove that you are the person making the application. Furthermore, you must be at least 18 years old and have a fixed income .

What do you keep in mind?

What do you keep in mind?

As you know: “Borrowing money costs money.” So make sure that you can pay off your loan on time. Make a good estimate in advance of how much you can borrow and repay each month , so that you have something left over.

Is it hard for you to get out? Then get advice. Also know that a vacation is fleeting. You pay for the experience and afterwards only have souvenirs and memories.

Find the best holiday loan

You can borrow from a bank but an independent broker or credit advisor is more interesting. This compares the loans with the different banks and finds the best option for your situation.

Know in advance what budget you need, so you won’t borrow too much. And calculate how much you can pay back, monthly, afterwards. Because don’t forget: “Borrowing money costs money .”

Borrowing from ‘Borrowing money’


‘Borrowing money’ is such a credit broker . Get a loan here at the best conditions . Your application is submitted to various credit companies.

After this you get a free proposal without obligations, fully customized . The following is taken into account: the amount to be borrowed, the monthly interest rate and the interest rate. Moreover, you can easily do a simulation on the website of Good Finance.

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